Online Missionary Coaching Tools

for Pastoral Teams

Do you want to move from pastoral maintenance to missionnary ministry? Thanks to new online tools, distance coaching is possible for pastoral teams. For more information, make an appointment for an information session by clicking on the right button.

      AS A TEAM

As a common rule, team coaching allows all members to move together in the same direction. It promotes the setting up of a pastoral project and the launching of new missionary initiatives. Everyone can experience the strength and synergy that comes from real teamwork.

      IN GROUP

On occasion, team members may feel the need to be coached around specific pastoral situations, such as selecting new leaders, field coaching, or pastoral delegation. When some receive coaching, others benefit.


Some members of the team can benefit from individual coaching on request. The individual approach allows to develop on the acquisition of new pastoral skills, or on the adoption of new missionary habits, through videoconferences with a personal coach.


From the initial assessment, Padre Coach undertakes to accompany a pastoral team on a regular basis, to enable him to move from point A to point B. The word "coaching" comes from the French word "coachman" in the 16th century. Just like the coachman of old, today's coach allows a team to make the necessary moves to be truly missionary.


A coaching cycle usually begins with a training time. This training received on site or online allows to take stock of the situation, to consider the next steps to take. Whether it's a new team, or a team that requires a new missionary drive, Padre Coach is exploring the possibilities.

There is no missionary life without community life and teamwork. The current missionary context demands a new pastoral lifestyle based on communion and pastoral co-responsibility.

Jean-Philippe Auger, D.P.Th., priest and certified leaders coach

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